Getting rid of the New Topic Box

There are times when I’m sure I’ve got an excellent question, statement, or just something to share. I will Create a new Topic, write out what I’m thinking and then when I re-read it, I realize it’s not really as great as I initially thought. I’ll hit Cancel and click on the “Yes, Abandon post” button when it pops up. But when I go to look at what posts I’ve yet to read, or search for a new post, my old “New Topic” idea jumps back up and I have to cancel and abandon it all over again. This has been going on for days.

How can I actually delete a “Created Topic” that I have tried to leave behind. (It’s like a zombie, it just won’t stay dead!)


Huh! Haven’t seen that…have you tried closing your Browser and re-opening to clear the cache?


yep, every day I close my browser when I leave work, and then re-open my browser each morning

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HUH. I think I “solved” my own issue. By posting a “NEW” topic, it got rid of the old one that had been hanging around. I’m not sure this is a “good” solution, since it could mean a topic is created just to get rid of an old one that you actually didn’t want to post. Unless someone can be notified to delete a post (hopefully different from getting flagged and losing reputation within this forum)


It wasn’t started on a different computer or device or open while editing on two devices? That can be tricky. Anyway, glad you solved it. I have learned that I can’t post more than one pick at a time when I am uploading photos on my phone using cellular data. That’s when the uploading gets stuck and I can’t get that wart out until upload it correctly.


The post was started on this same computer that I was seeing this issue. Writing comments to others didn’t get rid of it, creating this post actually stopped the old one from popping up. Unintended problem solving for the win!

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Once it is on the internet, it is always on the internet!!! :-)))

Except when it isn’t.

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