Getting same picture over and iver

I uploaded a piece and sized it to my board and it’s to big. No problem so I take it back to silhouette and cut off the part I don’t need using the eraser and re-save.

I go back to glowforge and re upload and bam back to original size.

Hmm maybe it’s caching. So I rename it a new name. Try again same thing.

Maybe it’s silhouette so I move it to Inkscape and save it. Bam it’s back when I upload to glowforge.

Maybe it’s cashing on my computer? So I save it under a new name send it to my wife she opens it on glowforge and bam it’s back again. I don’t even have the original I deleted it all together.

Please before I loose my mind completely any help is appreciated

I believe you are encountering the clip mask issue. You will have the same problem if you use Inkscape. There are lots of threads here in the forum which explain how to overcome the problem. Here is one: Adobe Illustrator to Inkscape: clipping paths and masks


You can use a clip mask in Inkscape, but you need to create another image (Alt+ B) and hide or delete the clipped mask :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks :pray: I ended up deleting and restarting but needed to know for next time.


Thanks dklgood & rbtdanforth for the helpful suggestions.

I’m going to close this post. Please reach back out if you are still having trouble.