Getting set up to make my first sales

So the address plaque I made for the front of my home has gotten a lot of kudos on my personal Facebook page. I have about five people asking me to make one for them. (this is how it starts right). But I’m also working on a more economic version that is easier for me to produce. More importantly quicker for me to produce. First test file on a smaller one today I believe this one would work good next to your door of your home. I was using scraps and I’m not happy with the red oak face. The popular which was much brighter gives better contrast. I’m thinking the one that is in front of my home would sell for somewhere between 75 and $100. What do you think the smaller one to go for. It doesn’t have cleats which step it out the way from the wall and is using much less lumber. This would be the beginning of some of my first sales.

Getting set up to make my first sales


So crisp and clean :slight_smile: I really like how the grains are perpendicular to one another in the first image its something special imo. Best of luck keeping up with demand for these, they are going to fly out the door. As for price, not sure I can be much help. It is something I struggle with constantly.




Beautiful - I especially like the four “screws” in the corners of yours

I would imagine you could sell the smaller one for at least 2/3 the price of the large one, since the majority of the work is in the design, not the material!

If you haven’t glued the darker one together you might try sliding a thin piece of white acrylic between them to make the numbers pop. If you have, you could do the same with some white resin.


I don’t know. I like them both. They have 2 different styles almost. Yours is almost like a Craftsman House design, the oak/walnut has an elegance about it that you don’t often see in house numbers.


These are beautiful!!
My first impression is you’re underpricing for such beautiful detail but I think that’s because I work in an industry that often pays a premium for custom things. So it depends on your target market.


Use standoffs for fixings. Just a couple of dollars but finishes the whole thing off.

Otherwise, how will they fix it?


No wonder you’re getting requests, they are lovely! The high contrast between the two woods is really nice.

I’d do some googling and check marketplaces like Etsy to get a good price comparison–if anything, you maybe on the low side!


Those are some really nice designs. Good luck with your new venture!


I love your work! I would love to have this file!

You did a phenomenal job!! Very classy !!

$25 an hour. If it takes you two hours 50 bucks tax-free.

Do not give it away for cheap or free. 1000 people will tell you I want one!!! You only will only sell one out of 1000.

If you are selling two dollar keychains then you might sell five.

Other artists will be your best clients. Doctors’ wives are also great clients. Middle class married couples that have a double income will also be good clients.

Friends and family are the WORST!! They want it for cheap!! When they give you five dollars they truly believe they are doing you a favor.

It is an extremely harsh world out there when you start to sell your art. You will hear so many excuses and so many lies.

Customers want the Taj Mahal but their budget is 50 year old mobile home. They want a Rolex but the only thing they can afford is a Timex.

The customers are out there it will just take some time to meet them.


This is a great design. I like @deirdrebeth’s idea of a piece of acrylic or other material to make the letters pop.

For a finished product, I would also provide some means of mounting - keyhole slot, hooks on the back, screw holes in the corners, or whatever you think fits the design best.

In terms of pricing, I would benchmark prices for other custom house number signs - they are sold at places like Home Depot, and of course Etsy. From their prices, you can decide whether your designs are worth more or less .


Like the style!

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How do you treat it to protect against the weather?

Looks great, but you should maybe give credit for the Frank Lloyd Wright design (this is from his window designs for the Lake Geneva Inn). I guess this is part of a bigger discussion about copying other people’s work, which is so easy to do with digital tools!


You need to add up the retail cost of all the material that you used, add your hourly rate (I wouldn’t go less than $25 an hour) And multiply that number by 2.5. You should also add a two hour minimum to any project. That way if you just so happen to finish a project in 20 minutes, you’re still making money to keep the business running

For things that are going to be outside or even inside but close to a window where it will receive plenty of sunlight, make sure you use UV resistant finish. I would also avoid using any acrylic outside if it’s not specifically meant for outdoor use.

I’ve used a piece of scrap maple a little bigger than the size of my hand that was 2 inches thick with some live edge on it and made a trophy. It’s sold for $200 and only took me about 30 minutes of work. I’ve also cut out a small sign that was 9x17x3/4 out of redwood for a hospital to hang in a glass case in there lobby, and that went out the door for $600.

Don’t sell yourself short if you do quality work or soon enough you won’t be able to afford to do quality work.


Love the font choice and they both look great!

I can appreciate your comments and giving credit to Frank Lloyd Wright. This was definitely inspired by his window designs but I can assure you I drew every line of it myself in adobe illustrator. Never less that doesn’t preclude giving credit where credit is due. Being part of the photographic and graphic design industry for over 35 years and deeply involved with our industry trade groups I completely understand copyright law. Again your feedback on this is greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much, your comments are very helpful.

Those look incredible. I really like the font you chose.