Getting shocks from Glowforge while lazing

Have you ever experienced shocks, while touching the silver trim of the side panels or the lid handle, when the laser tube is firing? I have been reading a number of report of people getting, what they assume were static shocks while their Glowforge laser was firing. Yesterday, I was working on a late generation Glowforge Basic when I noticed an extra bonding strap on the bottom of the Glowforge. It bonded the power supply to the Glowforge chassis. I had never seen this strap before and I have been repairing Glowforge’s for over a year.

A friend of ours had been having issue with shocks since they purchased their Glowforge. On examination, I found their machine did not have the bonding strap, so I installed one, and lo and behold, there was not more shocks. These photos show where, on the bottom the bonding strap is missing and what it looks like when installed.


It is great that you were able to fix that, but boy did that sound like a warranty claim to me!


Agreed…. Or a safety recall.


I’ve had the occasional very minor shock from my very early model Pro. Mostly on very dry days (the sorts of days where touching a doorknob after walking on carpet can give you a shock), so I assumed it was just static electricity. But I might try the same modification on mine, to see if that helps.


I’ve occasionally had shocks as well. Interesting! Thank you for your post.

I had exactly that also, and also put it down to similar conditions as it was not all the time. But that was a previous machine, since replaced and I had not even thought about it since.