Getting SO close

Well, I bought some calipers!!

…that counts, right? :joy:

I know exactly what you mean…seems like every time I go to Ikea I walk out with everything BUT the thing I went in for haha.


I finally started making my new desk this past weekend. It’s been in Sketchup for Months. It’s a corner desk that will be made in 3 parts, Left Wing, Right Wing, and Center. Left Wing is for Printer and I’m hoping to put a couple of baskets to “hold” the random paper dropped on my desk. Right Wing is for the GlowForge (right by the window and outlet). Center section fits in the corner and will be used for my Computer.

I assembled the frame for the Center Section, and will need to finish framing up the Left and Right sides this week. Then Stain, add the stained desk tops, Edge Banding, Epoxy, and then step 1 is done…oy, I’ve got lots to do.