Getting Started with Repeat Modifiers in Cuttle

If you are curious about what Modifiers are in Cuttle and how they work check out this video I just posted. The idea came from someone who wanted a quick tour of what every item in the Modifiers Menu could do and it seemed fitting to add some practical use examples.

In short, Modifiers let you modify shapes (repeating them in structured ways, rounding corners, expanding outlines) in such a way that the changes are always editable and you can see the updates live as you move things around. They can be practical and fun too :wink:

For each modifier covered there is a quick functional project to hopefully give you some ideas on how to incorporate these into your workflow.

For the Mirror Repeat Modifier I made a symmetric mushroom out of laser-cut plywood:

For the Linear Repeat Modifier I cut some properly spaced holes on a sheet of card stock for this very specific binder I have (a Maruman Kurufit with A5 sheets similar to these from Jetpens):

For the Rotational Repeat Modifier I made some simple spirograph-like plots on paper and also show how to divide a circle in equal segments:

With the Tile Repeat Modifier I take a quick dive into stacking hexagons and laser-cut the pattern out of polyester craft felt:

f you want to copy and paste any of these into your own project or just tinker around with it to get a feel for how it works check out the Cuttle project here.

I hope this helps, also if you have any questions or ideas and would like to see them implemented in Cuttle using modifiers please let me know. Thank you!


Very helpful. Thank you!


Thank you @federico for helping us better understand a most powerful tool.

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Thank you for the information and great tutorial!

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