Getting the hang of things!


Nice stuff - especially the mandala!

It all nice, but I am a sucker for anything pretty that also uses standoffs.


Good looking collection!

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Boy, you did an outstanding job gluing that acrylic box together. That’s something I just don’t seem able to do well, mine always look like :poop:.

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Great job!

Any tips on your gluing the acrylic box together? Looks very professional!

Very little glue used here! I measured the pieces so that they would fit together very tightly - in other words, leveraged pressure. I also added the trim around bottom and top of box so that it would keep pieces together - then dropped on a hardwood floor to see if it would stay together Much to my surprise, it did!
Where I did glue I used “paint” brushes made for resin which, instead have bristles have rubber tips.