Getting the yellow light every time I turn the pro on

Every time I turn the machine on, the yellow light turns on. The laser arm or printer head will not move.

I have checked all the cables multiple times, cleaned the lens and mirror, done everything else based on what I’ve searched in the forum.

Today I found a corroded cable that is no longer attached. Obviously this is the problem. I’ve only had the machine for 1 month. I have only cut Cherry, Maple, and White Oak plywood with the machine. The masking I use is paper based with no vinyl. I can’t believe this cable is so corroded.

How could this happen?

Any help?

Complete guess, but thinking that the moving drag chain cable carrier caught or rubbed on the wires. It would most likely been incorrect placement during manufacture.


Do I need to do anything besides this post to open a ticket?

No. Posting in P&S does that. Folks that are used to instant Support responses whether it be here or via email are often concerned. Sometimes it’s minutes, sometimes it’s two days.

Hey @whakestudios, I see that you also have an open email ticket with us and I just sent you a response there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this post. We’ll continue working with you over email. Thank you!