Getting... Tubular?


Putting my basic to good use. I started drawing this up in elliptical box maker, but wanted something a little less flexible/more sturdy(and less time consuming per job) so I spent time working on a living hinge extension version also, but in the end, needs some slight recalculations, so while I work those out, I assembled with default elliptical box maker plugin’s version.

I added magnets and chain because… I felt the need to keep halves together and make it handy to travel.

But really at the base of it, I needed something to carry a rolled up TCG play mat for myself and my potential customers. So behold, the market scroll case:


Kewl! :sunglasses:




Great design! (And cool poster on the wall :wink: )


Thats pretty sweet!


My first ever wall scroll. Got it imported about 18 years ago. The story is Love Hina, it started me down the path to Japanese Modern Visual Culture about as many year ago. Time certainly flies!


It’s one of my favorite animes, funny, romantic and with a lot of… you know what I mean :wink:


@Sawa that looks Amazing! :smiley:


As a teenage male in high school, going on college, yep, I know what you mean. That one and Tenchi started me down this path.

I’ve worked for the cable company for 13 years as of Wednesday. Part of that is having almost every American TV station available on my multiple DVR boxes, but I still watch more Japanese television each day rather than the close to home networks.


I try to watch NHK World when I’m abroad, Japanese culture always surprise me.


Love how tight the kerfs of the living hinge are…really different looking!


This is so neat!


Wonderful piece! I so love the living hinge, makes me wonder if I’ll want to do anything without it! Just kidding … But close to being true.


Oh man, that’s awesome! How sturdy do you think it is? Could I toss it in my backpack on my way to draft night at the FLGS? Or, I suppose with how pretty it is, I should attach it to the outside of said backpack.

I’ve almost bought those plastic tubes several times but never could bring myself to spend the money… but you would think that I would since I have several exclusive mats signed by their artists. I’ll definitely be looking into building something similar.


Yeah, this would be something that you hand carry and maybe attach to your bag. But I see local kids, when they walk in the game shop they throw their bag down hard~ this iteration wouldn’t handle that. I’m almost done getting kerfing right on the stronger mark 2 version.

I had a power and speed setting plugged in for the Baltic birch ply, it cut everything without charring, if anything, the resin holding it together was a bit tacky on all the golden edges.

I had one plank have some nasty voids in it, so I didn’t get all the cuts all the way through, so I dialed back the speed by 2 inches/minute, and that was enough to no longer give me golden edges and my kerfs had some “give” in the spacings.

Remember people, 2 inches/minute(or 1 mm/sec) can be all the difference between a box fitting together tightly or loosely.


that starts to make me think about whether I could make a really nice drawing tube for half sheets for architects (i work at an architecture firm). i guess the question would be how much stress from rolled up paper inside those hinges would take.


I’m working on a mark design with a much sturdier living hinge. The
sturdiest it can be and conform to the tube shape.


i look forward to seeing that.

as well as to getting my GF and testing things like that out. :slight_smile:


Very creative!