Getting your glowforge


So I am sooo excited to receive my glowforge pro! Unfortunately no one from customer service seems to be able to get me a tracking number or be able to tell me if it has shipped. It has said “shipped” with all components ready for over a week when I look at… My original arrival date was estimated a week ago. Has anyone encountered this? Was your package truely on its way or is it not on its way until you receive a tracking number?


Most of the pre-order customers signed up for UPS MyChoice in order to track delivery a little more closely - I don’t think the folks at Glowforge have the tracking information on hand…it’s being manufactured by Flex, and shipped directly by them.

Hopefully they can track down what happened to the shipment. (Although it might wind up on your doorstep before they can.) :slightly_smiling_face:


They’re shipping via FedEx now. :slight_smile:


All of them? Or just the returns/replacements?

(I think you can sign up for FedEx notifications too.)


Well, I can only speak for replacements…but I don’t know why it would be different for new machines.


Depends on the contract…I thought the main shipping contract for Flex was with UPS. Not sure if they use both, but initial deliveries so far have primarily been UPS. (The PRU units travelled via FedEx though, so maybe they use both. Don’t know for sure.)


I believe replacements come out of the Washington GF office and new machines come from the CA manufacturing plant and maybe they have different shipping contracts? May be wrong tough.


Nope, Four came from Grapevine, TX, and I’m pretty sure Charm did, too. (Wherever Charm came from took 4 or 5 days to get here, and I’m a 3 hour drive from Seattle!)


Yep still had the FedEx tracking notifications on my phone – my third machine (Charm) also came from Grapevine, TX via FedEx. The one before that came via UPS (not sure from where, but definitely not Seattle), as did my original machine.


Hmm, they changed things up. All my replacements came from GF in Seattle. My original came from CA about an hour from me.


Our replacement PRO is coming from Grapevine Texas via Fedex and I am in Reno NV about 12hrs from Seattle. For us this is a good thing as the HWY pass I80 closes often due to winter weather and even Amazon Prime 2 day items become 3-5 day. In general we are signed up with UPS mychoice and on Fedex so we are always updated when we have something coming. Congrats and welcome to the GF Family!


I’m so confused on my account set up. I don’t see that shipping screen that the OP seems to have access to. I can see mine if I click on their link. The side menu on my account doesn’t have a link that takes me where theirs took them. I chatted with GF 2 days ago asking if there was a tracking number or a delay and she couldn’t tell me. Only that she had to check into it and would get back with me. Mine says expected delivery today. I have no email with a tracking number. I know I’m just being anxious and impatient. I have it shipping to my mothers house because we had a couple appointments today.


Well, if you had it shipped to your mother’s house and she will be there, that’s good. It sounds like they’ve made some changes lately, so I can’t really tell you what to look for. (Don’t worry, they sound like good changes.) :smile:


Haha thanks! IDK if sending it to my moms is a good thing or not. 3 people always in the house and no one seems to ever hear a knock at the door. LOL! I’m so panicked about missing the delivery it’s not funny. I probably wouldn’t be so worried but when I ordered PG materials I had them shipped to my house and even though it said up to 10 days. They were here 2 days later, which was awesomely fast! Of course you know I got all excited thinking it was my GF, then I was sorta sad, then worried since I still didn’t have a tracking number. Nothing in UPS my choice and nothing in Fed Ex. I just feel like there’s screens I am missing from my online account. I still don’t know how the OP got to that screen that showed them the items coming. Mine just says ready now and down further what is in which box. Does that info change to shipped once it’s been shipped or just stay the same? UGH I’m ripping my hair out in anticipation! LOL!


Chuckle! Some things never change… I chased the poor UPS guy down the street…scared the crap out of him! :smile:


Been there done that! LOL My house is a half mile from my mom’s and her road extends past mine but as two different streets it dead ends then resumes. The 2nd part by me is spelled differently. I’ll never forget about 10yrs or so ago the UPS guy was delivering her Mac and they kept driving up and down the wrong end looking for her address. I chased him down and told him where it was. Then last summer I chased down my USPS delivery man because he left a note on my door for my package coming from the UK. Luckily he let me get it instead of waiting till the next day. I was just worried it would get shipped back to the UK. I worry too much!


FedEx has gotten them here with all 4 handles both times. I think my two UPS shipments had enough handles for one box between them. :wink:


Yay for you! Flex does have manufacturing in Texas so makes sense. Glad they get to avoid the pass especially with the new storm rolling in!


How did you get the tracking info??


Via email when they shipped my machine.