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Hi! Hopefully an easy question here! I recently sent a GF machine to another location for fulfillment support. It was a new in box refurb machine that we received as a warranty replacement. I sent the same inline fan setup there as I use here but when they boot up the Glowforge app, the option to disable the internal fan (by toggling that the GF air filter is attached) is grayed out. It gives me no option to toggle on and off. Has anyone had this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :heart_eyes:

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Email Glowforge support.

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I have, was just curious if anyone has experienced this since their response times take a while :blush:

Yes, itโ€™s come up now and then - support are the only ones that can fix it.

Some machines only had that option if a filter was bought with the machine. Your refurb was probably one that didnโ€™t get it, and it was overlooked during the refurb process. Later on, it was available to all.


There are certain settings that are only available to the owner of the machine, including that toggle. If the user theyโ€™re logged in as is not marked as the owner, but only as an additional user, in Glowforgeโ€™s systems, they wonโ€™t be able to change the setting. If you are still the owner, you could share your login info with this new user so they can flip the toggle as needed. If you want their account to be made as the owner in the system, then contacting is the way to have that done. Itโ€™s happened with refurbs on occasion that Glowforge didnโ€™t set up the new owner with the right permissions in the first place, they can fix that too.


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