GF arrived... the box is seriously broken

I sent an email to already but I’m afraid they might not respond in time :frowning: so I could use your help. The Glowforge seems to be amazingly perfect however the box it came in is a wreck none of the security locks remain and the lid of the box is broken… I need to send it home today (I sent it to another address for it’s rapid delivery) and I’m thinking of boxing everything again so I can send it. Basically stack everything (including the “box”) inside of another box and send it that way… is that ok?! Please help! Thank you

A copious amount of packing tape will fix the problem. I sent a GF back to the company after repairing the box. My box was in worse shape and I have no worry that after re-taping the edges and corners that the unit will arrive safely.

Buy a roll of heavy duty packing tape. Tape all the sides, seams and corners. Doesn’t look like anything is ripped except for one of the handle holes. No big deal. The foam protects the GF. The box just holds the foam in the right place and protects from the elements. Tape the hand holes together. Mine didn’t arrive with any of the plastic inserts either.

BTW: Shipping to another address means that you are on your own if something gets broken on the second leg of the trip. The company won’t be responsible and I doubt they will make any recommendations.


Thank you so much!
I know that shipping it somewhere else is on me but it’s something that I have to do :frowning: But honestly thank you for taking your time to answer me :slight_smile: have a great day!


This has been mentioned, but they really need to rethink those package locks on the sides. Either design in a manner that they can actually be used as handles or modified to not look like one.

When they are gone, like shown here, the assumption is the box went to the ground when they broke free in someones hands.

Have them made flush/flat? Smaller? Ringed with little spike ridges? Something…

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Thanks for the answer @rpegg, that’s right.

@mary_jimfier see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.