GF automatically printing same image twice unintentionally

My GF worked fine for a few weeks, but now it is printing the same image twice (engrave and cut) every time there’s a second pass anywhere on the printing queue or if I input the settings myself instead of using the PG automatic setting. The second printed image is slighted shifted so it’s giving me double images slightly next to each other (even on the images where the double pass wasn’t input in). I’d be fine if the double image was perfectly aligned but it’s skewed! So it messes everything up. Anybody dealt with this before?

I’ve tried all the troubleshooting, I keep my machine clean, but I deep cleaned again, I’m using PG materials, and it’s still happening!

I’m very frustrated at this point, I’m down to my third machine (yes, they’ve had to replaced my machines twice). Every time a machine comes to me, it’s got a crazy problem to it that I can’t fix myself. My first brand new unit was perfect until it died on me out of nowhere. Now, the two machines after that have been inconsistent and troublesome. I’m only using a vent provided by GF, everything was provided by GF.

Am I not allowed a brand new machine replacement over refurbished?? Did anybody else have this problem with the double-imaging? (I’ve tried everything from the “Troubleshooting your GF” area).

Thank you for your help. -Carol

Did you try printing the Gift of Good Measure? That will rule out a problem with the images you’re creating.

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Have you checked your artwork for hidden lines? Sometimes with importing/exporting, etc. unintentional stuff can happen to your artwork. If you upload it here, there are some forum members who are SVG experts who can check for problems in it. :slight_smile:

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Yes, and I just tried again with all the GF settings on a draftboard, same result. So I’m guessing it is happening even when it’s GF settings.

Ahh, yep, that’s a problem.

If it’s like the machine I had that started doing something similar, you should be able to print on the left side without issues until support can get back to you. It only went wonky if any part of the design was in the rightmost few inches.


Thank you for your response! I’ve checked that as well, I’m a graphic designer so I made sure. It happens with GF designs as well.

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Yes! That’s exactly it. Thank you.

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Boo. I’m sorry. That doesn’t look good at all. :frowning:


Interesting that it seems to be solely your engrave settings that are doing the doubling. The score and cut lines are clean…

Not that that is helpful, but it is interesting!

{hugs} someday your (perfect) forge will come!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.