GF cutting larger than what file calls for

I’m having an issue with my GF Pro that I hope you all can help with. Either I’m going crazy or my GF is messed up. I tried cutting the serving tray with wooden handles. But it keeps cutting larger than what is said on the screen. I used a PDF file and made sure my 1-inch squares measured 1 inch. This is not the only file it’s happening with🤔
Any input is appreciated

Thank you

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Are you checking the measurements with the measurement tool in the interface? What is the size difference between the 1" in the pdf and the actual output?



Can you share a screenshot of the file on the interface? How was the file created? If you make a 1" circle in the interface does it cut as 1"? Can you share a file that is resizing?

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What happens when you create the 1" square in the interface?

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Have you cleaned your machine recently? This happened to me. After cleaning the machine, including taking the carriage plate off, I put belt back on and got it twisted which caused the machine to cut out of scale. I would check to see if the belts are twisted.

I had a recent fire in the GF and GF sent a replacement belt which i put on. I will check that again

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