GF does not rescan

I’ve been using the GF for a few years now and in at least the last month or two I’ve noticed that when I place the material in after turning the device on, the scanning button spins indefinitely until I reboot the GF.

Similarly - Print the cut and it finishes - when it homes the scan spins and never happens.

Similarly - Print the cut and it finishes - it may scan - open and swap out for a new material - scan doesn’t happen.

I’ve gotten into the habit in the last few days of powering off/on the GF and refreshing the browser.

this is an unacceptable work around and seems that the quality has gone downhill and with an implement of death in someone's home quality should be top tier.

What you’re describing is a wifi issue within your home. The machine is losing its internet connection during prints. Reboot your router and consider reducing interference sources, changing your network channel to a less congested one, or adding a wifi range extender to improve the signal strength.


Thanks Dan - problem is - I have a really fancy router. with 3 AP’s throughout the house - not too close and not too far from the GF and overall Excellent connectivity per radio available, none are cluttered either. I’ll do some profiling of this device during use to see if that’s the case and will follow up.

at a quick glance the overall Latency is no more than 124ms

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I’ve locked it to an AP with the best signal and will report back in the next cut run.


That seems to have done it - though I’d to understand why the re-scan API (or other APIs) doesn’t behave well with a 68db-72db WiFi. on my side everything but the Glowforge had a solid connection and no contention.

Moving it to the AP with a lower 52-55db worked at least for now.


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