GF for both edible and inedibles?

So, I know that once you’ve cut acrylic and such on the GF you shouldn’t do edibles. But what exactly makes it bad? Is it the bed that the material sits on? What if I buy a second honeycomb bed for food only? Would that solve the issue?
Just curious. :smile:

Haha, edibles makes me think of something very specific.

It’s not just the bed, because you could theoretically have contaminants on every surface inside of the laser. Depending on what you cut, it’s probably okay. Like, paper, thin woods, etc. But it’s not something the laser company could guarantee. For what it’s worth, I’ll probably do foods in mine, but I wouldn’t do foods to sell - if I had that sort of business, I’d likely buy a second basic model just for that.


Yeah, I probably will for personal fun too. Most expensive toaster ever? Hahah.


Yeah, if you are doing food in any professional way don’t use the GF with other junk. Regulations, lawsuits etc if anyone got sick.
BUT, for just home use just laying down something like wax paper I am thinking would work fine. And of course wiping down the inside of the lid so pieces of stuff don’t fall on whatever your using it on.

Haha, definitely not for professional use! Haha. But what’s wrong with the good old laser seared steak once in a while? Haha.

I wouldn’t put wax paper in the laser; I feel like it would be too easily flammable if you cut through whatever food you’re engraving. Maybe just use cheap porcelain, or something.

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And definitely don’t put a non-stick baking tray in it(teflon coating) nasty chemicals if you accidentally cut too deep.