GF Forum Censorship

This is offensive?


I think posting pictures of Trump is extremely offensive
But that is my personal opinion so i wont flag for it


I agree.

it was my response to someone posting their " I received my email post "

I’m not really sure either. I think you’ve posted that a couple times before and it wasn’t flagged.

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I went to look at this thread again – I am just guessing here, but it might have something to do with someone being offended that while a forum member is posting a celebratory post about getting their GF, and proudly showing off their first efforts with it and how easy it is to use, you post what could be a construed as a very snide comment exspressing sour grapes. I think your unhappiness and dissatisfaction is already very well known – perhaps this was seen as raining on someone else’s parade…


she starts with a smile… then reality hits. We too (“owners”) started with a smile - just expressing our inner frustration through artistic GIF representation.


I get that…maybe you would want to start your own thread where you fully express that and others who similarly feel that way can share and join you. Just thinking maybe someone else’s celebratory thread might not be the place to do it. Just a thought…


Ehhh, I’m thinking it might not be the sour grapes aspect of the post …I know there’s no specific prohibition against it, but posting political GIFs in an open forum is always going to offend at least half of the population.

There are probably a lot of people like @bdm who might feel offended at having to look at pictures of the man their candidate lost to. It’s still pretty sensitive for some folks. Might even be causing some extra anxiety for them. Not good right now.

Maybe you could find one that isn’t political that conveys the same thing?

Or you could just say that you’re frustrated at not having your machine yet. That also gets the point across without offending anyone.

Just a suggestion to avoid flags. Politics does tend to trip people’s triggers.


Fake forum post. #makeforumsgreatagain

Sorry, I have to let out a little troll every now and again. I would say as long as the content of a post is ‘G’ rated, it should be fine.


There is nothing offensive about the gif but it sure would be great if this place was 100% free of politics.

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Could be offensive to some people. Given that it has been used many times before in many situations and it didn’t seem to gather flags that I recall, must be the context.

Discourse allows people to flag posts for whatever reason they think, no questions asked. They get reviewed. There may be some action taken. Often the flags are removed. Sometimes people reconsider and edit their posts.

Perhaps one could use the word censorship for this process. I do believe that censorship in most contexts implies an dictatorial authority preventing speech in such a manner that it only benefits the censoring authority without regard for the welfare of the speaker or due considerations of communal benefit.

I don’t think censorship really is an issue in this forum. What we do have are many ways to shape discussion to achieve a communal purpose. English is a wonderful language. Our immense vocabulary store allows us to penetrate amazing nuances in being and thought. Labeling policies and complicated narrative exchanges with such a weighty word as censorship is curiously enough censorship in itself. The big stamp a censor puts over the material to block it out prevents the reader from seeing the details that give meaning and context.

152 people have the First Flag badge on this forum. That’s amazingly low in my opinion. I do have about a hundred posts that I haven’t read from this past week, but I’ve read almost every one posted in the forum. I haven’t flagged a post. Don’t really see censorship as an issue at all on this forum.

What I do see a lot of though is how hard people work to separate the signal from the noise. It’s not easy. I’d say we are fairly tolerant.

I have been puzzling over how to talk about suicide in public forums. I think its is a good test subject to explore how to craft information in such a way that you minimize damage and maximize communal benefits. Try to talk about suicide at the funeral of someone who has killed themselves. I can think of fewer other discourse situations where simplistic labels like “censorship” break down and just melt away before the awful reality of the human condition.

Perhaps discussions about censorship all ultimately breakdown because of the “incompleteness” of all human language and reasoning, as in Godel’s theorem. It becomes like those wonderful sentences whose self reference defeat their existence, condemning the one who utters them to ultimate madness because the recursion never stops: This sentence is always false.


I don’t think it’s offensive or even crossed the line as far as being political goes. (It’s really just displaying an emotion and not a political stance.) However in context of the thread it was posted in, I believe it was a bit of poor taste to piss on someone’s parade. I don’t agree with the censorship, but I would guess that’s why someone felt compelled to flag it.


It’s an emotion meme. Completly ridiculous that someone would flag it.


I took it as a perfect response, happy to acknowledge the poster’s joy at getting their long awaited delivery while realizing their own turn for delivery is still distant.
It gave me a chuckle. Zero political intent.

But that’s just my interpretation, from my own perspective. I felt the meme accurately encompasses the mixed emotions I’m sure many feel. I didn’t read into that any animosity or negativity. I thought it was good humor.
“Great! I’m happy for you! (Where the hell is mine?”)


It is a good GIF to express your frustration and there are plenty of threads where it is fine. While the overly sweet nature of the glowforge forums can be taxing, I would choose it over a reminder on every happy-new-owner-post that other people are still waiting. That will only suppress new people posting and ultimately strangle the forum. Of all the flags I’ve seen it is about the third one I actually agree with and the only one without profanity.


Don’t really care one way or the other. There’s a lot more objectionable stuff on the forum. Was it in good taste? Of course not.

Seems about the same as if one of the cheerleaders had posted a GIF of a whiny baby in a Problems and Support thread.


Exactly how I took it and I also chuckled!


Everything is open to interpretation as we each see it through the lens of our own perspective.
I’m thinking that perhaps because @zfam has shared a critical perspective before that folks tend to automatically assume negative intent. Could have been, I have no idea - except I have seen what I interpret to be an injection of humor.
Goodness knows we could use more of that!


Someone used the flag button to complain about your meme. You used the “New Topic” button (along with many other buttons marked with letters on your keyboard) to complain about someone complaining about your meme. Can we stop the ride? I want to get off. :rofl:


Preach!! PREEEACH!

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