GF Gift Card...What to get?

Hey All,

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a GF gift card and am wondering what to get with it?

I’m still working on the free materials that came with my machine.

Thank you!

MOAR material!!! If you haven’t played with leather I’m a big fan, and the green glass acrylic is gorgeous.

but if not, a backup lens or black cable can be good investments towards never needing them :slight_smile:


I really want to try leather but it seems like I would need a leather kit? I’ve seen some free leather designs I want to try!

Where do you get the green acrylic you mentioned?

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For leather, if you sew you have what you need. Yes, there are totally specialty products but you don’t need them. Embroidery floss or layered thread run through some wax (got a candle?) and the heftiest needle you own will sew it together. Any smooth surface (glass jars are great) can be used for smoothing the edges. If you don’t sew, then yes you’ll need to pick up some things.

Of course you can also make coasters or trivets or earrings out of leather that require no sewing.

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