GF Is "Out for Delivery"

Well, I received my Golden Ticket on 11/10, got my PG materials a week later but never received my Shipping Info… I just checked UPS for an Amazon package I bought and BAM there she is: 2 Boxes from GF out for Delivery today! Good thing I work from Home and will be able to sign for it.

Wish GF did a little better on these notifications (or lack there of) as I know many people have struggled. Silver lining … Unless UPS is playing with my Mind/Soul I will have mine today.

Whoot Hoot!!!


Your post has given me hope that I will have my Glowforge by Christmas! I received (and accepted) my golden ticket for a Pro on 11/14. Let’s hope that mine is only a few days behind yours!

Have fun with your Glowforge!

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Congrats! :grinning:


It Arrived!!!

SWEET… Appears to be in good condition minus one of the handles being missing. !

Will have to tap into one of my Whiskey Barrels to celebrate the Birth!


Congrats! It never ceases to amaze me as it makes designs come alive on a piece of material.