GF is stuck on scanning/centering

Unit has been cleaned. Lenses have been wiped. Machine has been restarted numerous times. Wifi has been reset and clips are fully in place. The laser moves but it will not center properly and will move forward and hit the front of the unit.

That it’s moving is a good sign.

I would try a few things:
Remove any material from the bed
Reduce the amount of external light entering the machine
Clean the top of the head, where the Glowforge logo is

If it’s hunting around, it means it is having trouble identifying the location of the head to center it. Holes in material can occasionally confuse the head detection algorithm.

Strong shadows from light streaming in can also confuse the algorithm in some circumstances.

The top of the head being clean doesn’t sound like your problem (it hunts around close to the camera when this is the problem), but it doesn’t hurt to make sure it’s clean.


It keeps hunting until it smacks the front door. I have tried it without crumb tray, with crumb tray, lights off in total darkness, the top of the head has been cleaned as well as the camera with a screen cleaner. The laser head will not center or move if the unit is turned on with the lid closed. If I turn the machine on the with the lid open, and then close it, it will attempt to center unsuccessfully. Very confusing. The app still has the image of my finished product from the cut before it broke.

That’s a good indication that it’s a connection problem :-/
You confirmed you re-started you WiFi; can you run a strength test on it? Possibly something else in the house/neighborhood is interfering?

Check to make sure the ribbon connectors from the main camera are connected fully at the back of the lid. How are the LED lights are they on?

Yep the LED lights are on. I checked them all and they seem tight

Thank you,


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.