GF isn’t aligning properly when changing steps

I think this is the best way to describe it.

It will cut and then engrave. But the engraving will be off.

I will clean it. It will cut correctly 2-3 times and them it will do this again.

Have any suggestions?

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Are the cut and engrave operations in the same file? Are you engraving first? Are you using the set focus tool before placing your artwork?


They are in the same file.

This one looks like it cut than engraved. But I have had this glowforge for over a year and this just started being a problem.

It will do this for different cuts as well.

I have never used the set focus tool before.

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My best guess is a belt tension issue, and the reason it happens when it shifts from one operation to the other is that the head moves pretty quickly during that process.

If they’re one file, the focus is not an issue (and the cut looks clean.)

What settings are you using for cut and engrave?


I used medium black acrylic for both. Whatever was preloaded.

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