GF makes the Unthinkable Possible


Made a bunch of random items over the past couple of weekends, some for gifts, some for around the house, some for charity, and some for fun. In thinking about these items, it really hit me that if I did not have a Glowforge, I would not even imagine, much less attempt many of these items.

Paper and rocks and wood and plastic and glass and ceramic, etc, etc. FORGE all things. Here’s a small sampling.

I have made several of these scripture sayings for ourselves and for friends. It’s always a challenge to lay it all out so the letters are interconnected. To ensure the cuts go all the way through, I slow down the speed by 15 or so from what PG “requires”, but some parts of the cut still occasionally come up slightly short. An exacto knife finishes the job.

I also made one for the local church using the maximum GF cutting area. The first attempt was a fail because I stacked magnets 3 high and the galley hit them, causing parts of the cut to be askew. So I cut out some of the hold down pins and used them instead of magnets. Much better.

This is the best photo laser tile image I have been able to engrave so far. The receivers were delighted.

The eagle’s outstretched wings spread over almost the maximum GF cutting area. Weeding was a pain. This is on the wall over my son’s crib.

Cut out Chinese characters inset in an engraved base. The characters represent the Chinese names of our twins. Ja Anne (Jazelle LeeAnne) and Ja Dian (Jayden). FYI, the second syllable of their names when taken together (Anne Dian) means “grace”.

The butterfly also consumed much of a full piece of PG. The colored pieces were all cut out, laid down down in the same pattern (after masking removed), and tben carefully painted creating a gradient effect. They were then re-inserted in the black butterfly structure and glued in place. The little ovals are different sizes and since I did not carefully keep them in the same orientation after removing them in the original GF cut, it was a challenge matching the pink cutouts with the right holes. This will be put on the wall over my daughter’s crib.

Another picture frame, this one for my wife.

My own escutcheon for Thor.

Etched glass bottles for my wife’s special dressing.

Multi-layered, two material wall art. Two layers of cherry and one of maple.

Proof of concept paper cut napkin ring.


Wow, those are such gorgeous heartfelt projects. (And you’re really great with the word art - that is tough to pull off.) :grinning:


This is the first one I created, on PG walnut.


I love how you vary the sizes, it makes it so much more visually appealing. :grinning:


Also doubles as a pretty sweet snitch :slight_smile:


Really awesome job on all of them!


Love the story behind your twins’ names. The ability to engrave their names on stuff is a big help, trust me (I have twins of my own)!