GF Modularity/Expandability

@Dan, there have been several discussions about Z travel and that got me thinking. I imagine you are close to final plastics but did you put any though into modularity in the design? I was thinking if the bottom of the GF was removable you could sell a bolt-on bed with Z.


I’d love to see this also. But I am also aware that they’re pretty far into the design and things not be as easy to change as we might hope.

But what I would recommend is just keep this in mind guys at Glowforge.

Maybe design the bottom so that we can later order a “MOD” or expansion thingy from you guys. Gives you enough time to design the mod or expansion thingy later :smile:


+1 for removable floor!

Yes, we’d love a way to increase the internal depth. If there are concerns with a floor-less laser, even an extension that gives us 4-6" would probably be enough for most things. Maybe some kind of snap-in ring that fits into the seam between top and bottom? Available aftermarket for those who want it?

Unfortunately we considered that early on but had to trade it off against other features, and the design is too far along now to reconsider it. It won’t be possible for this model.

So, could we cut our own hole?


We can’t recommend stuff that would make you void your warranty.


I sort of guessed that really. However, the warranty is only six months, so…