Gf not cutting through material

My Glowforge has stopped cutting through anything. I’ve tried All of my proof grade material. I’ve cleaned and even taken pictures bc well I knew it would be asked for so here you go. I’ve tried slowing down the speed, I’ve tried multiple passes, it just isn’t doing it.

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They’re going to want you to try the Gift of Good Measure (GOGM), it’s in your dashboard, on a piece of Proofgrade material.
Come back here and note the time you did the test and post pictures of the front and back. That will allow them to discount any issues with design or material and narrow it down to machine parts.

Your machine is immaculate!

Fingers crossed it’s something simple!

I’m interested in this as I’m having the same problem. My machine is brand new; yesterday was my first cut. The gift of good measure cut perfectly and then it seems cuts are getting less and less depth with every attempt. I followed all the troubleshooting tips on the support page. I’ve contacted support by email but will follow this thread as well!

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Thank you! I do baby her I love her lol but I wish she would learn how to act right!!

GOGM cut this morning from 9:08 to 9:13 CST ! on Medium Draftboard Proofgrade material

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Hello @leolisa1990,

Thank you for reaching out and sending all of the photos. I’m sorry to see that your Glowforge is having cut through trouble.

I see that you also sent us an email about this issue. I have sent you a response there as we need to discuss personal information. I am going to go ahead and close this thread.