GF not cutting through properly anymore

My GF Plus that I’ve only had a month is now not cutting through basic 1/8" materials anymore.

I started noticing issues with 1/8" cast acrylic not cutting through unless I slowed it way down and even then it wasn’t even cutting through.

I did the GOGM on medium proofgrade draftboard at approximately 12:30pm CST today June 1. It didn’t even come close to cutting through.

I cleaned all the optics (first time doing so since I’ve gotten it), using Zeiss cleaner.

I did the GOGM again, and could see there was SOME improvement and the backside shows a little bit of cut through but still nowhere NEAR cutting through.

The one on the right is the first one I attempted and the one on the left is the second one I did after cleaning the optics. What you see on the backside is from the second attempted.

I also noticed a little speck of something on the lens while cleaning it. I did several passes with the Zeiss cleaner and it doesnt seem to be coming off. Not sure if that’s contributing or not.

Your cut lines seem really thick. Do you have the lens inserted with the arrow pointing UP?

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Yes. And it was cutting just fine up until yesterday. The first GOGM I did I hadn’t even touched the lens yet. It was still in the print head how I got it when it was delivered to me.

Got it. I can’t tell if that residue on the lens is already burned in or not – you might want to try holding the Zeiss wipe against it for a few minutes to try to soften it, and see if it will come off then. It could account for the defocused look of your cut lines.

I cleaned all the optics a second time with the Zeiss and tried the GOGM a third time. This time it did all cut through. The cut lines do seem a bit thick and burnt along the edges, but I’m not an expert, that might just be typical for how draftboard cuts.

I did another attempt with the 1/8" acrylic, using medium black acrylic settings, tried cutting a variety of types of shapes in assorted sizes and it all cut through.

So it SEEMS to have rectified itself. My main concern is now about that spot I’m seeing on the lens, if its something I should be concerned about, should I be watching for it to get worse. Someone on the other thread suggested that I take a bit of iso alcohol in there and I will probably try that, as long as GF Support says that is definitely ok to do.


It’s fine to do that – having the spot there when it’s lasering isn’t a good thing, since it can just get more burned on, and iso alcohol is what’s in the Zeiss wipes anyway. The only reason they tell us to use wipes and not liquid is because of the risk for spills in the machine.

Also, while you’re cleaning your lens, hold it over a soft surface. It will shatter if dropped. Guess how I know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS I’m glad it looks like it’s going to be an easy fix!

I’m sorry you ran into trouble with your unit. It’s good to hear that it’s cutting through correctly now! Since there is a spot on your lens near the center which won’t come off with additional cleaning, I recommend we send you a replacement lens. I’m going to close this thread, and I’ll be in touch via email soon with additional details.