GF Offline

Help …

I haven’t used my GF since Feb this year, i turned it on yesterday and it no longer connects and shows as offline.

Over the past 24 hrs i have followed all the troubleshooting instructions to try and connect it to my Xfinity WiFi multiple times but to no avail.

I have tried on an iMac, iPad, windows laptop. The router, computer and GF are all in the same room, the passwords have all been checked, the wifi is 2.4GHz.

The GF connects to the PC/Mac/ipad fine, but when i follow the next step and select my network from the list to connect to WiFi i get the error “Glowforge did not connect”

Anything else i can try.

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Try enabling your phone’s hotspot capability and connecting the machine to that. That will help eliminate your wifi as the issue.

The other devices can stay on your regular wifi.

It’s covered in the official troubleshooting page for this issue.

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I’ve tried that too, and just tried again. Step one works and i can connect to my GF, then the second stage connecting to the network fails and that haunting message “glowforge did not connect” flashes up again

I am having the same issue. It started out not centering and when I followed all those steps now it won’t connect. It says it is connected but the teal light comes on every time I restart. I have moved my router right next to it. I have had this machine since April and never had these problems.
Someone help, I have orders to get done.

Thanks Eflyguy,

I have kept trying my phone hotspot and finally i got it connected but then it got stuck on homing, i reset everything and then finally managed to get it all connected and ready to scan, Yay. I am about to try a test cut, fingers crossed.

Now how to get it working on my wifi rather than my phone hotspot!?!

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Yeah, stuck on homing is also something impacted by dodgy wifi.

Tons of info here on wifi issues. Try seeing if your router can scan for a clear channel. It might be as simple as switching, a neighbor may have set up a new router since you last used the machine.

I had to try about 30 times to connect to my phone hotspot. I think today’s lesson is perseverance!

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I’ll give that a go, we do have a new neighbor. Thanks Eflyguy

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I can get mine to connect to my wifi on my phone but it is the same as my PC. I can’t figure out how to connect to the hotspot?

Hi @kerryandmj I’m glad to hear you’re back up and running at least in some regard. I see you’ve reached out via email and I’ve sent a response there already to check in on how things are going.

I’m going to go ahead and close this topic now, thank you to our awesome community for your help!