GF Plus has stopped reading the QR codes

Hi guys.

Is anyone else having issues on the machine not reading the PG QR codes on the full sized sheets?

I commented here to see if it was a new issue anyone was having, not to be bashed for asking a question. Thank you to those that commented decently.

We’ve cleaned the lens and there are no issues with it but it’s still not working.

It will read the smaller sheets with the QR code though such as the walnut.

GF have said the will send me a refurb machine as mine is still in warranty but to me it sounds like a software issue and I want to reach out here before I accept a refurb machine.

No issue here, although I usually put them in with the stupid sticker down because you can’t engrave thru it.

My machine is coming up on 5yrs old.


It is pretty easy to pick from a list, often easier than reading the QR codes. When in the left-back corner it has always been a bit iffy. I would not exchange the machine over such a minor issue.


I’ve had my machine now for a bit over 5 years…and on and off the entire time it’s had problems reading the stickers. I just use the drop down menu and call it good. It’s of course your choice, but were it me I wouldn’t go through the hassle of getting it replaced for something like that.


Mine just won’t read it. It did but doesn’t now. My machine is around 6 months old.

My issue is, as it’s not reading the QR, what else is it not reading and what is the reason?! Is there a camera issue? Yes I can pick from the drop down list - I get that.

GF have said the log on their side shows the QR has been read and I’ve had to send videos of it not.

It’s GF that have offered the replacement machine. I haven’t asked for it.

There is nothing else for it to ‘read’. It’s a common issue and unless there are any other problems when you are printing something, it doesn’t need to be a concern. Several of us here have about 4 1/2 more years of experience with this, so we do know what we’re talking about. No matter who requested the replacement, it’s still more hassle than it’s worth.


I didn’t say you didn’t have experience. Thank you for your input. I just find it odd how it worked and now doesn’t. Obviously something has changed.

I know you weren’t saying that. I was just trying to put your mind at ease. Seems like a fickle thing…so maybe it will go back to reading them again.


Mine will occasionally ‘not’ read it, but, as said, i just pick from the drop down if it has any problems.


With it being a new machine, you kinda expect it to work and not just do something because part isn’t working. Thanks all for your advice.

I agree:-). Mine is usually because of the optics.

It’s way too expensive to accept something not working :frowning:

In my personal opinion, the QR code to me is just kind of a gimmick. A little convenience that cuts out one very small step of the clicking on a drop-down menu. Not a big deal at all. Definitely not anything to judge the machine by.


If it were a problem unique to you, I would certainly agree…but, the fact that probably hundreds upon maybe even thousands of machines have the same problem makes it a bit more of a quirk than a real problem. That being said, a replacement could easily end up doing the same thing and I doubt you will want to keep having them replaced at the cost of time that you can be actually using your Glowforge. I do get you though…that something brand new should just work.


And thank you for your opinion. I happen to think if it’s suppose to do something, it matters. I value your thoughts though as the world would be boring if we all thought the same.

I sometimes have the same issue. You might try adjusting the lighting around your machine if you’re sure the camera is clean.

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Thanks lovely but I’ve tried all of that. It will read the smaller pieces with a QR code on but none of the larger. I’m just deciding now whether to accept their offer of a new machine as the machines over here work out more money than they do in the states.

That’s a hard choice. I personally wouldnt if everything else works well, but my opinion doesn’t help you much!

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The issue is, why would it not be reading it? I have asked GF but no real reason as it’s a daft question as I guess they would need to test the machine themselves. They’ve had me take pics of the lens so that seems fine. Oh I don’t know. :weary::weary::weary: