GF Powering off during job

glow forge has been quiting in the middle of a job or more accurately about 2 or 3 minutes into the engraving of wood it quits… the GF completely shuts off… and the power is still on… so I have to shut off the machine using power button on the back panel. Then I turn on power again… GF recalibrates, then starts the next job or re-attempt the last job and the GF powers off again 2 min into the job…

I have powered off, reset computer, attempted to reset the GF with the start button…
what could be causing this error?
Mr C

You’ll probably need to have support take a look at the metrics for the machine. What was the time/time zone when it last happened?

im in San Diego california… in 92126 zip code…

it happened yesterday afternoon at 11 am… and again today around 1700…


Great, that gives them a place to start looking once they see the post…good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

To me it kind of sounds like the pause for cooling, but you should be getting a message in your browser to indicate this. If that’s what it is, the print should resume after the machine cools down. There are lots of postings on the forum about ways to accelerate that process.

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Just to clarify, by completely shuts off, like in the lights going off, etc. the same as a power off state?

A while back, I had something similar happening to me after months of using the Glowforge in the same location, etc. I couldn’t figure out what was going on - I knew it was on my end because multiple outlets were going out in the middle of a job, but no breaker was being tripped.

I started pulling off outlet covers and finally noticed one that the power wire had popped out. Rather than winding the wire around the post, the installer used the stab method to stab them into the back of the outlet. Over time, that stab connection gets weak and the Glowforge can pull enough power through that it makes the wire jump and break the circuit.

Needless to say, I reconnected all of the outlets winding them around the posts rather than stabbed into the back. No problems since.

Probably not your problem, but thought that I might relay the experience regardless.


Interesting, I never knew that.

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Sounds a lot like a pause for overheating to me as well.

I’m so sorry you hit a snag. I extracted the logs from your Glowforge to look into your report, and unfortunately I can’t be clear on which print you’re referring to based on the information in this thread. I’m afraid I’ll need more detail to investigate further.

If this occurs again, could you please let me know the following?

When the Glowforge “powers off”:

  1. Does the button on the Glowforge change color?

  2. Does a message appear in the Glowforge app?

  3. Do the fans keep running?

  4. Are the LED lights still on?

  5. What is the date and exact time this happened?

Thank you in advance.

the unit completely shuts off… why have you closed my thread? I would like to have more input about my issue vs you stoping the possibility when you have yet to actually contact or connect with me.?

the GF completely shuts off in the middle of a job… I’ve had cooling issues in the past and got the message saying the unit is cooling… I was actually very specific in my initial message… it gets old having to repeat myself cause the rest of society is retarded or a outright moron…

the unit completely shuts off 3 or 2 min into job… I have to power off then back on… then next job same thing…

this has been going on last 4 times I’ve attempted to use GF…

so is there a reset to reboot I can do…

I used to be able to power off and use start button to reboot or reset… but now I can’t get that to work… or find anything online about it…


We know you are upset. But maybe step back for a second and read the response. Nothing was closed and staff is asking for clarification and will respond. It was unclear to them whether your unit just stopped or whether all power shut off.

Yeah, no. The initial info was unclear. “the GF completely shuts off… and the power is still on”. Could mean that the machine stopped operating but had power to the electronics, or it could mean that all operations stopped but there was power at the plug.

BTW: An fully operational machine never requires a reboot with the power button.

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  1. Your thread is not closed. Staff responses appear in yellow. They are trying to help you. If you will answer @vee’s questions, she will be better able to determine what is causing your problem.

  2. Name-calling is not an effective way to get a helpful response from staff OR people who are freely volunteering our time and energy to try to help you.

  3. The button on the top of the machine is only for starting print jobs (and initiating a new network connection, which is only necessary during initial setup or if you change wifi connections). Only the on/off switch on the back will restart the machine.


I’m so sorry for the frustrating experience.

The team has been investigating the issue you reported.

I notice you’ve had several successful prints since you initially reported the issue.

Have you had any additional incidents since you initially contacted us?

If you have, or if you see this behavior again, please let us know.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email