GF Pro for sale (Fairfield Bay, AR)

GF Pro for sale. Used very little. Reason for selling is I’m having a very hard time connecting to WIFI for the machine to work. Patients has reached my limits. Wonderful machine. Paid $5900 and asking $4900 plus shipping. I live in Fairfield Bay, AR, 72088. Call501-270-9285. Ask for Robert

We all know how frustrating that can be, but the issue is with your WiFi signal integrity, not the machine. Lots of potential factors there, including channel traffic, LAN traffic or interference which is why it can be difficult to nail down. It is kind of counterintuitive, but because your tablet, phone, or computer connects fine it may seem like the signal is fine, but it is not necessarily so. There is a robust conversation between the machine and the server and any dropped packets can result in your experience.
I presume you have tried the WiFi Troubleshooting?

I hate that your experience has been terrible because the machines really are fun. I’ve never had a tool that inspires creativity like this thing. Mine has worked perfectly for 3 years now.

If you decide to go ahead and sell it, good luck!


I know it’s not the machine’s problem but my wifi. Yes it is a great machine but I’ve tried so many times to get it connected that I’m tired of trying. I even bought another wifi extender to no use. Wish GF would come out with a bigger machine with usb.


Or a wired ethernet port.

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Sorry it’s been sucky for you. Have you tried using your phone as a hotspot yet? Or someone else’s phone who has a different provider?

I was also having connectivity issues I ended up buying a WiFi range booster and wow! Helped me a ton! Have yet to have a connectivity issue since!


also got a range booster and no help at all. thanks for responding

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