GF Pro for Sale, Tampa, FL

I am looking to sell my GF Pro locally but other platforms (FB Marketplace, Craigslist etc.) don’t seem safe for this kind of transaction.

I will be moving from a 2 bedroom home to a studio or renting a separate room… and sadly among the massive downsizing I have to do, I have to sell my GF with a view to purchase one in the future after I have saved up. I have no storage space… I can no longer afford a mover much less couldn’t find one willing to move it for me because they don’t want to be responsible for any damage done to it during a move.

Does anyone know a potential buyer in Tampa, FL Area that might be interested?

Items included will be the GF Pro, the work table that its currently on, all of the unused acrylic sheets (and the used cuts if the buyer really wants them) I have, and the air filter set up.

Also any tips would be most appreciated. My concern is a buyer claiming its faulty after transport and the responsibility being pinned on me when it is in fact in excellent condition, used only a handful of times. These days I have come across so many dishonest individuals in my furniture sales alone that selling this is a lot more stressful because of what its worth… I figured I’d check here first before publishing elsewhere…

Thank you

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If you have the buyer come see the machine in operation before the sale, that should resolve the issue of them later claiming it’s faulty.

That said, is it under warranty? If not, that drastically impacts who will want to buy it. Also, you’re listing here to a bunch of existing owners, some may want an additional machine, but that again significantly reduces the number of potential buyers.

You might include your asking price and also whether you will split up components. A work table and air filter would not be needed or desired by most buyers.


You could try reaching out to your local hackerspace.

Ask them to sweeten the deal and give you membership.
That way you can continue to still use your laser.


Ok, thank you!

Thank you, will definitely look into this!

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