GF Pro For Sale

We purchased the GF Pro in December of 2021 and just haven’t used it. It has a few hours on it. We have all the shipping boxes and a lot of the sample materials it came with. It just went out of warranty. It works perfectly. Looking for $5,000 and would like it picked up but can deliver if it’s within NJ. We live in Central Jersey. Please email if you’re interested!


Sorry it’s not working out for you - but be aware, this forum is public and if you post your email it’ll likely get skimmed by scammers.
Instead set your profile so that if someone sends you a message or tags you that the forum will send you an email! Much safer :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. I really appreciate it! Do you know how I can take that post down or edit it? I tried this morning, but cannot figure it out.

Just click the edit button (the pencil) below your post.


GF pro for sale

Welcome to the community. If you are wanting to sell a Glowforge, you will likely get little attention with such little information. You should include as much information as possible to potential buyers such as your location, how old the machine is, your asking price, and more.


… and start your own thread, not hijack one started by someone else.


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