GF Pro in middle of job shut down

Was in middle of job GF Pro shut down. Screen shows job is engraving. Unit will not turn back on. Have checked electrical outlet which is good to go. attached GF to appropriate extension cord to new outlet in different room and still will not turn on.

:frowning: Sounds like your power supply may have bit the dust. I’d double check simple things like, is the “staple” in the back by the switch seated fully, but that generally results in an error message not a shut down.

A staff member will be along shortly to help out!

is the staple just above the power switch?

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tight as a drum

Trying to pump out orders so semi-patiently waiting for SUPPORT.

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There is not a small chance that it’s your power supply - which means a return to the mother ship for repairs. I would strongly suggest you use this time to find a Tech Shop or equivalent, or another Glowforge owner in your area to whom you can farm out work.

If it turns out to be something simple then you’ve done early research for future-you :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the suggestions. First I would not even know where to begin to find a local shop to do possibly needed repairs where I live in Maryland and someone who is adequately ept on a GF Pro. Plus before I hit the panic button I will wait for support who I hope are able to give direction as to where to investigate first.

I think they meant something like a maker space where you could use another laser. For a PSU failure, the machine can not be repaired by anyone other than Glowforge.

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Yes - when I said “farm out work” I was referring to to the orders you were “trying to pump out”

If it’s just a hobby laser the repair time doesn’t much matter, but if you’ve got a business you should have a known back-up.

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Does GlowForge have a safety OFF-Delay on the system, meaning that the laser’s protective field may have been interrupted.

It has a temperature pause. But that doesn’t cut the power completely. :frowning:

Hello @cookiedi,

I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue. I just sent a response to you there. To avoid any duplication, I’m going to close this thread.