GF Pro just arrived and

Just thought I’d post some pics of how my GF Pro arrived today. Hoping the inside fared better than the outside. I’ll post an update once we’ve unboxed it.


Yikes! Sometimes I think they just do it on purpose.

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The GF is packed pretty darn well so I suspect it survived even this rough handling. Hope everything turns out well for you.


I just unpacked my box yesterday. It’s really well packaged so it probably is okay. Don’t toss the box as badly damages as it is. The only way to return it if it’s damaged is in their original box. Good luck!


Welcome and congratulations!!!

A gift for you. This has a wealth of information for you.


Hello. Mine came a few days ago and the poor driver was about 4’11" and under 100 pounds. Even with the dolly she had to get help from inside the house. Sometimes I wonder what they think when they give these huge packages to such smaller framed people.

Mine didn’t arrive like that but I’m still worried. lol

but knowing how they pack things nowadays? I’m sure it’s ok

both of ours. lol

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FRAGILE is French for “Stomp here”


Goodness! Looks like they let Hurricane Zeta help deliver it the last half of the way. It is good that you took photos of the box. GF does a great job packing it up so there is still a good chance that it will work but if not, at least you will know the likely culprit. Keep us all posted on what happens. Do NOT throw the box away even though it is in terrible shape.


Well, as you guys said, GF packaged it up pretty well. Everything is in order and it’s up and running! Now to send our first print :slight_smile: . Thanks for all the support!



Can I asked you how long the wait time was for you from order to having it shipped?


It took exactly 12 days from ordering to delivery at the house. Pretty quick if you ask me :yum:

Crossing my fingers!

Oof, that had a rough trip! Thank you for sharing the pictures – I’ll make sure that that team that works on the packaging sees them.

If you see any damage inside, let us know. It’s highly likely that it’s sufficiently protected inside, but I’m leaving this open as we await with curiosity.

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Everything inside was packaged well and the GF works with no issues that I can tell; we ran through the setup and printed a couple test pieces that came out perfect.

I know I have to keep the box/packaging in case I need to ship it back for some reason, but this one would need lots of tape, hot glue, staples, and luck if I had to use it again. Hopefully we won’t need to send it back, because I’m sure not paying for a new box after this one arriving damaged.

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Again, I’m another owner, not staff. But to keep it from fraying more and store easier, go ahead and duck tape up the ugly sides, etc. Will just make it easier later if you need to send it back for any reason. I would imagine if you try to store the box like that in your basement or garage it is going to tear up more and be harder to tape up later. Put all the foam back inside the box and don’t forget about the orange and red bits.

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Duct tape isn’t going to help this box. It looks like it sat out in the rain (the box was damp when it arrived), which is most likely why it was damaged the way it is. There’s no way I should be required to pay for a new box if I have to ship it back.

Even the smaller box the accessories and materials came in had a huge hole punched in the bottom.

I know it’s not GF’s fault, but expecting me to retain a severely damaged box would be ridiculous, even if I was able to duct tape it together.

I can understand your point, but we’ve actually seen worse. You might be taking your chances by just getting rid of it instead of spending the time to tape it up. If GF doesn’t agree with your assessment, then you’ll be out a lot of money. If they did send you a new box for free, then all you’re out is some time and some tape.

Just hold onto it and if it has to be shipped back, you can address the condition of the box with them at that time. If they tell you to use it, then subsequent damage in shipping will be on them.

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Keep it.
The boxes are expensive to replace, and if you have to return it, they will let you know at that time whether or not they think it can be used for return shipping.

(Once it’s dried out, it looks like can be taped back down to provide adequate protection. Or you can reinforce it with a small cut of thick cardboard inside.)

The foam inside is mainly what protects the machine, so all you need to do is close the box back up tightly around it.

(Might take a lot of tape.) :smile:

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Calm down. None of us are saying whether or not you will be required to buy a new box. We are just trying to help you keep this box in as best shape possible. Why jump to conclusions that GF is going to try to get money out of you needlessly?

Please just enjoy your GF. I hope it is working well for you. Mine has worked perfectly since day one. If you are having any problems there are many here that have a lot of experience and might be able to help.

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