GF Pro only stays pn the left side after cleaning

Does anyone know why my Glowforge Pro will move down to th middle of the left side of the bed? I cleaned it and now This is what its doing. Can anyone please help me?

If it started after “cleaning”, then you undoubtedly damaged or displaced something during that process.

What exactly did you do to “clean” it? The instructions call for wiping optical surfaces only. Rarely, you might need to clean a fan.


It would seem that your horizontal belt or drive is not working. It could be as simple as tightening the belt, or that the stepper motor is not working which is a much bigger problem. I would make sure the machine is off and with a mirror or cell phone inspect everything. The hex that tightens the belt can easily become loose if not tightened enough or not pulled tight enough, and a loose belt could be the problem.


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