GF Pro slot 'measurement' offset?


Hi all,

I’m at work, and figured this might just be an easy thing to ask:
With the Pro’s passthrough slot, I assume it’s ‘height’ is not at “0” like the crumb tray is.

Of course you would need to factor in the height of the material being passed through, but does anyone have on-hand the offset measurement for the passthrough slot VS the crumb-tray’s “0” measurement?

Thank you!



Passthrough slot sits right at the zero point for the top of the tray, you use the same thickness measurement for your material when you are feeding things through.


Thank you; that’s perfect to know. I appreciate you taking the time to leave that comment, as obvious as it may be to you yourself. :wink:



Well, if you’re not looking at it, you can’t be expected to remember. I’m sitting about 8 feet away. :smile: