GF Ruler design

I want to design a ruler similar to the “gift of good measure” Amy suggestions on how to get started, or which YouTube videos to watch? Thanx

Not sure if you are wanting to make one in an effort to learn to design but there are a few ways to do it. I made one from scratch and it’s pretty monotonous.

If you’re just looking to make a project, this might help:


The online generators are great, but if you want to extend you skill set, use the design program to do you work. Using copies or clones or distribute and arrange can give you metrics that fit any purpose.

I made them using a grid pattern and snap setting back before I thought about online generators.


Thanx to both of you. The ruler in question has different radius corners, how do I do that? So far I have found the youtube videos more confusing than not

It depends on your design software. In Illustrator, I would just use the live corners feature, which is just a click and drag. Inkscape has a different method, that @evansd2 probably knows off the top of his head.


Yeah it’s the fillet/chamfer live path effect feature of Inkscape, but I wouldn’t use it here because it’s still broken.

If it were me I’d use guides and known angles to seat a circle path into the corner then use path editing to finish the job.


Wow – – thank you so much for the link – – I had no idea something like this existed. There is a box generator app I use all the time and I have been wanting to make my own specialized ruler.

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Before I understood more about Inkscape tools and extensions, I did a lot of manual node editing. I used a grid with dimensions I needed and played with curve handles of nodes I stuck in. Sometimes I’d overlay a circle of the radius I needed and matched it. Other times I intersected the circle with the squares.

It depends on if you need exact dimensioned radii or are looking for something that softens the corners. Easy radii can be made from the rectangle tool and dragging the corner nodes while in node edit mode when the rectangle is still an Inkscape shape and not transformed to an object yet.

Or straight manual node edit and curve handle manipulations:


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