GF scoring unwanted straight lines ... Why?

Hi All
I created a file engraved and cut it 6 times.
3 out of the 6 times, it scored an unwanted straight line and ruined the project. All three times the line was in a different spot.
I recall this happened once before but never figured out why.

Anyone know why this happens?

You 99.99999% probably have at least one random loose node somewhere in the design that the GF server software is closing at random for you.

That’s usually the issue.

Honestly I’m not sure if there’s ever been another explanation.

Is it completely at random or is there a common point between any of them?


Thanks for reply.
Would that cause it to score lines only some of the time and in different spots?
It is a skeleton. One time it scored the line down is leg and foot. Another time scored down the middle of his head.

If there’s one stray node there are probably a few.

The GF will close nodes without much thought. It seems to randomly pick one and go…done! So sometimes it may be choosing the closet one and look fine, another it’ll pick one across the design. No one’s figured out why it does it the way it does just that it does.

There are a number of discussions on how to find and eliminate random nodes but they are also program dependent solutions.

Can try searching find open node *illustrator/whatever or how to close nodes *program name.


Is your design super complicated, like taking 30 minutes or longer per really ornate step?

I’ve had this happen when engraving or scoring very large, complicated patterns. My solution: Divide up the pattern into smaller chunks and do each chunk separately (different SVG color for a different step).

Not really complicated. Just one of those vintage skeleton images I converted to svg. It does have a bazillion nodes though.

I have one design that has just about the maximum of nodes the UI will accept, I had to keep “simplifying” it until it loaded. I have posted about it here before - it has 38,000 nodes and uploads, processes and renders in 9 seconds. I don’t have “the fast lane” (although I do have 1Gbps broadband…)

Edit - just uploaded again to see if anything has changed. Took 11 seconds.

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If you upload your design here as an attachment, chances are that someone here will be able to find the problem. :slight_smile:

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