GF sellers: What makes you the most money? (no items, just categories)

I don’t want anybody to reveal what they make unless they want to. But what types of items are making you the most money?

  1. Small items I sell a lot of
  2. Large items I sell a few of
  3. Home buyers
  4. Business buyers
  5. Personalised stuff
  6. One off art
  7. Something else

This is not about revealing your secrets, but more about where you are at generally

I’ll start:

My best seller (90 items) is a small item that sells for $30

My most profitable (30 items) is a large annual celebration item that sells for $100 + $50 shipping

All my buyers are home buyers and about 20% is personalised (but not the two items above)


I’m not organized around selling, I bought mine for personal hobby use, but it has paid for itself more than twice doing #4 and 5 reproducing company logos on different materials for promotional efforts or awards.


My GF is a tool like any other in my workshop. I use it to make stuff that makes my life easier, plus the occasional pretty thing for friends or family.


I too use mine mostly personally but I have about paid for it with accidentally selling things.

I have found that full custom items that were commissioned and semi-custom things where all I have to do is add the name or word work best for me.


I sold a “medal” for $20 so far. Just one though, so I don’t think I’ve paid it off yet.


I have an Etsy shop but have not paid the Etsy shop costs as yet. There has been more sold through friends. I get perhaps ~$50 a month through Kitely that I have not lifted a finger to for several years so even small sums over time eventually can be a considerable sum if you are not paying every month :frowning_face:

Covid has made things exceptionally difficult, and the work fixing my back came to a screeching halt as well, so there has been even less ability for in-person selling.

I have a huge store of patterns but have not found a way to sell the files. I may just figure out how to get back in and sell them on Kitely.

Same for me


I’m surprised. Either (a) the GF businesses are not on this forum or (b) don’t want to answer.

The facebook forums are busting with GF businesses

Mine is just a fun gadget. I never bought it to make money with, just to tinker around and make little gifts.


Yes, Facebook and form groups are very different.

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