GF settings for cutting 1/8 inch Baltic birch

I go to these guys, but there are other lumber yard options, too.

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I hear you about getting PG in Canada. I get my 1/8" Baltic Birch from a local wood store in Ottawa. Here are the settings that work well for me:


This is on a pro version of the GF.

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I almost hate to tell you i get bb 5x5 sheet for $8.20 per sheet

My settings for BB

160 Speed

Lowe’s was 7.30, I didn’t even bother looking at them in HD. (Nj)

I just bought a bunch for a bathroom remodel. HD & Lowes we’re about the same 6+ for stud grade & $7+ for premium select grade. I prefer select so I’m not messing with twists & excess knots.

Right now steel studs are cheaper than wood.

Yeah but less useful when trying to build a multi-purpose woodworking table. Metal studs aren’t as stable by themselves but they are easier to run cable horizontally through.

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Care to share where? (So much rhyming…)

Thanks for answering. We seem to have BB in abundance here in Canada. It is cheap and nice to burn. What they call draft board I call Masonite. Is it a replacement for draft board? It is cheap as well. I use it for putting trays into my jewelry boxes.

Garnet Dobsky

As always if you’re going to share settings and are using full power you have to say which model machine you use. It’s not helpful if you don’t.

I edited my above post to mention I’m using the Pro. Thanks for reminding me.