GF Store Sold Out?

I know it’s a pretty busy time of year, but a lot of items on the store are sold out. Is there any info on when new stock will become available? I’m hoping to spend some referral credit :slight_smile:

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Last I looked yesterday only red oak was completely sold out.

At least a dozen items are sold out, mostly “medium” materials including clear acrylic, plywoods, draftboard in 12x20 sheets.

Support does not have information, materials are provided from a 3rd party. All you can do is keep checking periodically.

I’ve had my eyes on the medium clear glossy, but they’ve been out of stock for weeks now. I messaged the store support and they also did not know when/if restock will happen. I just switched to an actual supplier instead of relying on that free shipping deal, too good!

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The holiday season is going to be the highest demand, I know I ordered a bunch of :proofgrade: for my projects. I wouldn’t expect things to be restocked until early Jan.

I’m so sorry you’re having trouble finding the materials you are looking for; it’s unfortunate that we’re out of them, we miss them too!

I don’t have any information about the restocking schedule, so I can only suggest you keep an eye at for when it’s back in stock.

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Since we have no way of contacting the supplier, is it possible someone from the Glowforge team could reach out?

They’ve commented on this above, and many times previously. The only option available is immediately above your post - just keep checking the store.

… or source materials elsewhere.

Don’t you think the other option could be for someone to contact the supplier and get an ETA?

Like I said, they’ve commented on it here many times before. They can’t give you an ETA.

Aaaand some stuff is back in stock!

I’m glad the materials you were looking for came back in stock. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions or concerns go ahead and post a new topic. We are always here to help.