Gf stuck on centering / homing / scanning

    My glowforge is less than a month old and I have had 3 seperate instances where the machine gets stuck on centering / homing / scanning. The first two times the issue seemed to resolve itself  with a couple of power cycles. But unfortunately this last time it has been stuck in this mode for the past 7 hours with no resolve. I have skimmed through a number of the closely related posts and tried a number of the trouble shooting steps listed but still can't the machine to budge. 
   This is extremely frustrating especially because the last couple of cuts and engravings have not been as accurate as my first few projects. I love my Glowforge and what it can do which makes it even harder to accept this lack of performance, especially considering what was advertised and we paid for our glowforges. I rely on my glowforge maybe a little too much to meet deadlines I set for my customers. any suggestions? please help

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Thx lol

I had issues with that. They ended up deciding it was an issue that could not be resolved. Is it able to read GF materials? Is the print head on correctly, try to disconnect/reconnect the print head, restart your router, restart your computer, make sure your phone if off or on airplane mode…clean lenses and everything. For me, none of this helped, hope something works for you!!

Thx i will try when i get off fingers crossed. Only thing i havent tried was looking at my phone amd tablet.Im itching to get my daily glowforge fix.

I’m currently experiencing the same issues. The “Centering” will take anywhere from 5 minutes to over 20 min, without any clear rhyme or reason. I’ve cleaned the lens, power cycled, but haven’t tried messing with the print head. Wondering if any of the Glowforge Admin have any suggestions here…

just got home and powered up and everything is working like clockwork. I’m so happy again!!! I am still concerned with the number of times this has happened( 3 times, shutting me down for almost 3 days total) with a 25 day old machine, and the fact the I did not make any changes today and the machine is back to working normal. but the fact that I am back up and running has me thrilled so that is outweighing my concerns. love my GF

There’s a floating guess that issues like this may be due to high level sensitivity to dropped data packets between it, the wireless, the servers, and back again. Could be someone was using a device in your area on the same frequency the GF didn’t like, service issues anywhere along the path to the servers in either direction or the phase of the moon around Jupiter.
Last one mostly a joke.

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