GF support satisfaction

Hi all,

Not sure if this is where I can leave my comments, but I must say that I have been fairly satisfied with the GF support especially the new chat option.

I’ve had my GF machines (1 basic and 1 pro) for 2 years now and although I have had the unfortunate event of both of them malfunctioning, I must say that this time’s support was a lot smoother than the last. The chat option has definitely helped in providing real time answers instead of waiting a day or two for an e-mail. I hope GF will continue to provide more support via real time chat.

Kudos support.
Initial GF support e-mail was Oct 5, and the replacement tracking number was issued Oct 13th.

hopefully the delivery will be smooth :slight_smile:



Unfortunately, that is beyond their control. The shippers see the “this side up” on the side of the box and don’t connect the words with the three arrows alongside :roll_eyes: This last was delivered by just one person who in no way was able to hold it flat.

Fortunately, Glowforge has a lot of experience with the issue and packs them much better than previously. I just had one replaced and sent the old machine back in the box the new one came in.


I think they are all dyslexic, down is up and up is down…


UPS Loves playing How far can we drop before it goes crunch - with large boxes


It’s great to see good comments on customer support. I’ve had to use it twice myself on proofgrade issues and they have been nothing but helpful!


Thanks so much for the kind words! I’ll make sure they get to the team!


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