GF units hitting the secondary market



Isn’t that where Flextronics is located? Might want to make sure somebody there isn’t selling :glowforge: out of the back door of the warehouse for a tidy profit! :grinning:




This one is a better deal


They want $12,000 but still charge $100 more to ship? :grimacing:


Are you kidding? :joy:


Item no longer available?

Edit: Found it relisted for $4,999


How weird. It was closed (still had several days left) and relisted between when i posted and now.


Now it’s $10,000


lol a basic for $10k… that’s a bit unreasonable. :roll_eyes:


Seems to happen a lot with new iPhones too. Some people just arbitrage against the demand to make a quick profit. Similar to scalpers of concert tix that have just hit the market.