GF Website change, referral link missing

Hopped onto the home page this morning and I was logged out. When I logged back in, the referral link (under my name) is no longer an option and the list of referrals is gone as well.

What’s up with that??

Don’t know… looks like it’s still there for me…


Perhaps log back out and back in again?

Something is amuck… but my issue today seems discourse-y, I am seeing the P&S category on the frontpage even though I have it muted. It was completely hidden up until now. probably unrelated?

Yeah, they might be making some changes to the system…the link for Referrals is now hidden until you click on your name, then it pops up really small underneath.

Hmm, I go to the app, click my name, and no referral link is present at all. I get add user, settings, and logout. Do I need to go to settings or something?

yeah go to settings… then click on your name again. That’s where I found it.

Huh! It used to be on the front landing page. It’s definitely not there now.

I found it in settings after you said to look there.

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