GF wont work all day

Hi guys, my GF basic has refused to function. its stuck on focusing, the laser head doesnt move. i have checked all forums and done all suggestions. checked the cables, cleaned the camera, pushed the lens back, centered the laser head below the camera, ran setup again, changed wifi, literally losing my mind and i had to disappoint a client today. Honestly, i need help guys! Its been focusing for hours but the arm doesnt even budge. arrrgghhhhh

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Have you tried repeating the network setup? it might be that your GF is getting interference from some other device nearby and that has borked your network connection.


Sounds like you did a lot of stuff to fix the issue. Welcome to the community. Could be an issue with the black cable but there are other things, too. There will probably be more knowledgeable folks who will chime in about it.

Just as an aside, you don’t need to ‘push the lens back up’. That’s how it focuses…by moving up and down in the cylinder.


That’s very often one of the cables or the connectors that they go in. Get some WD-40 Electrical Contact Cleaner from Walmart or Lowe’s. Turn the machine off. Open each of the connectors and spray liberally with the contact cleaner. Clean the ends of the ribbon cables with alcohol. Let them dry for several hours. Then put the cables back in, ensuring that they’re completely straight and pushed allllll the way in. Repeat this process up to 4 or 5 times if necessary. If it doesn’t work, then one of the cables could be bad.

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