GF would make this easier and better (Guitar pedal )



Here is a cool project for which I personally have no use. But I figured there are plenty of others here that may like it.
I suppose you’d have to make the faceplate from acrylic or wood unless you also have a cnc for the aluminum :thinking:


I have not seen this, but it is definitely now on my list of things to do.


I’ve done faceplates like that out of engravers plastic…it has a metallic finish but is laserable…Rowmark. 1/16" thick… Called lasermax or lasermark…


I will have to get some of this… [quote=“smcgathyfay, post:3, topic:8136”]
engravers plastic…

Thanks for sharing your Awesome knowledge!


Wow, they have a good selection of colors, thanks!! :relaxed: