GFUG (Glowforge User's Group) gatherings


Continuing the discussion from Prototype I want to Forge:

So, I know the end to this is Glowforge Users Group. Gathering in March 2018? A year from when the last of the pre-orders is supposed to go out?


Oh I’m down!!


“CO” is for the Colorado group. Y’all will have to organize your own! :smile:


Dangit!!! There’s only one other Glowforger in my province… Looks like my meet ups will be very small…

Ya’ll have fun!!


I’m in Maine if anyone wants to get something going!


Glowforgers in the greater Los Angeles area? :raised_hand:


OOOOOhhhhh. Well, title change then. Maybe more local ones wouldn’t need to wait that long. Anybody have feelings on a larger gathering?


I say meet up in Vegas… Glow-Con or Forge-Con


NEGFUG (New England)?


Maybe we should do Seattle so that maybe some of the glowforge team could pop by?


Since you are in the Boulder area, have you been contacted by those in Fort Collins?

The Glowforge Map has 3 in Fort Collins and another 10 or so in Denver/Boulder area.

Do you try the makers in the Denver/Boulder area?


Guess a logical starting point is to gather input from those willing to participate…
Colorado forgers, what thinks the group? Just a meet up for brunch, or figure out a member to host a laser party?


Personal opinion here (and don’t let me stop you), but I really hate anything that uses “UG” in the acronym. It reminds of… well… “Ugh!”. :smile:

I was going to suggest a Canadian meetup of Glowforge Lightsmiths!


Anyone take the google map and use all the points of members to interpolate the midpoint for everyone ( preferrably the bahamas?) :grinning::sunglasses:


Vermont. I think there’s someone else on the map.
Gonna be pretty virtual.

On the other hand, we all have a lot of wood around…


Count me in. :smiley:


If people who want to attend list

  1. the continental scope they’re willing to travel and
  2. their own location,

I’ll painstakingly enter the details :smile:

US,CA,MX - Edmonton, Canada


I’ve only been chatting with a handful of Colorado locals, none in Fort Collins yet. For GFUGs, I was imagining a monthly-or-so evening for getting together in small groups to chat about problem-solving, show off projects, and share excess materials (say, the admission “price” would be ten or more small laserable items to share, such as tiles, stones, wooden earring blanks, etc.).


Clever site! Each region should use one of their maps.


I’m in! Looking forward to meeting folks in person. Getting together socially pre-GF would be fun, then perhaps rotating hosts once was they are in-hand.