GFUG (Glowforge User's Group) gatherings

I just might know the sub shop you got it from. We tried it and didn’t like it much, we found a Chinese place that delivers and is pretty good (except that the General Tso’s is always fairly bland and doesn’t have the kick that I’m used to)

Utah is certainly quite the hike :slight_smile:

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Love good TSO’s, so hard to find :disappointed:


All this talk of UGs makes me wonder about the many SF bay area GFs. I feel a little dumb here, but I can’t seem to add my little GF logo to the map where I live in SW San Jose, CA. ?? - Rich

Pretty good pile of 'em in the Bay Area. Four of us in the Sacramento area. I would consider hosting a Lightsmith get-together at my shop in Woodland.

I would come. I love that area. When I open the map I don’t get those options at the top of the map. I guess that is my problem. hmmm. - Rich

You may need to be logged into google?

When you go to the Glowforge Map, sign in with your Google Account (or for those who have more than one GMail account, the one you prefer).

Once than has happened, you get the editing tools:

Select Edit and the tools look like:

Zoom in to your neighborhood

Select the Marker (to the right of the Hand), position the crosshairs where you want to put the icon and label the point (changing the default “Point ###” with what you want it called) and use the lower box to put additional information.

Once you have Saved it, log out of your Google account.


Yea! I did it. Thanks for your replies @jbv and @PFI-Guy. I am on the map in SW San Jose, CA. very near:
points 290, 177, 635, 704, and Fiber Warrior, Tech Museum, danclemmensen, 95136. Oh yeah, I’m Rich’s GF. Cool - Rich


wow thank you for the step by step there. I’m sure that will help a bunch of people.

Also if anyone wants to narrow your area you can search for a city/state/country/address before placing the point.

also I regularly search for just Texas to see who is “near” me.

A Northern VA gal here. Would love to convene after we get our machines.

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