GFUI Feedback - Manual cut "< back" reverts user settings

I’d like to offer some feedback on the Glowforge app UI.

The “< back” arrow at the top of the Manual cut fly-out erases user settings and reverts them to their previous or default values.

If I click my art, and then click “Manual” and enter my cut settings, then click the “< back” element, my settings are lost. Since this is basically a show/hide element, it should not affect (or erase, especially) user input. As a new user, this has bit me several times.

The UI needs to offer users a forward path out of the tab. Currently the “< back” link is the only visible navigation, and it is silently acting as a cancel/revert button which is highly counter-intuitive. The only way to retain the settings is to click outside the tab or on the art thumbnail.

The “< back” arrow should not modify user input. And an OK button would be a better way to close the panel.


I don’t know about anyone else, but when I see a “back” button on a website I assume it’s going to take me back to where I came from without committing any changes. To preserve your setting changes, you either click one of the icons at the top (“save” or “save as”), or if you only want to use them for the current project but not save them to use with other projects in the future, you simply click outside the flyout window to close it with the current settings.

Perhaps. I see it differently shrug. The Save As does offer a way out, at least. But, I still think the interface would be less problematic with an Open/Close that did not clobber the user’s settings. The Back metaphor is overkill for closing a tab. I think it’s bad design. My $0.02.

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I’ve made the same mistake and been annoyed by it.

I like having a “wait, I didn’t mean to change that, go back to where we were” option. And it’s how the “back” button works everywhere else on the Web.

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While we are at it, it would be nice if changing an operation from manual to ignore, then back to manual preserved the previous settings.

With some regularity, I get almost all the settings just right for 8+ operations, decide I need to make a second pass at just one operation, set everything else to ignore, then have to re-enter all the settings for the next piece.

I know I can make a copy each time … if I remember. It’s not unworkable as it is. This would just make the UI a little more elegant, IMO.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.