GFUI on mobile phone troubles

I can’t select the machine to print to in my mobile phone.

I’m stuck, therefore, on a single Glowforge, and not the one I need most.

I use a small-screen iPhone SE with a little screen.
I design all my stuff in the morning on a desktop computer with a huge monitor, and the kid in the studio swaps out materials, pushes glowing buttons, and handles assembly, packaging, and mailing. All day long, I go about my life, and when a machine is free, I pull out my phone and I send jobs to the kid in the studio. I have 3 Forges in my workflow.

It’s a great workflow. I hired another designer that also sends stuff to the kid.

Except I can’t switch machines from my iphone. The mobile GFUI has always been tight and has often required switching portrait and landscape to get what I need. Now that’s not even enough space.
Is there a better way?
Can you make the GFUI work again, please? I really need less promotional icons and material in my tiny mobile 3-inch workspace.

Anybody have a solution for me?


You need to open a support ticket, they do not monitor the discussion forums.


Thanks. They used to… and if anybody on the forums also uses a phone then that’s helpful.

I’ll go right to the source.
Thanks @eflyguy

Try scrolling to the very bottom of this page on your phone and see if there isn’t a box to accept or check so that the banner disappears. You can also try logging in in a different browser from your phone.


They discontinued participation here a year or so ago, and renamed this forum section to “community support.”

It’s unfortunate, the community here was strong and a large part of their success, in my opinion.


For anybody else who seeks answers to this question, my current solution is (in settings on iphone) to change the view of my browser to 85% rather than 100%.
It shrinks all my pages in the browser.
It is not ideal.
It’s actually a crummy solution.
But I can operate the GFUI from my phone again.
In other news, Disney+ is adding an advertisement-supported tier.
So there’s that to look forward to, as well.

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